We are passionate about the prospects of working with healthcare organizations in Vietnam to improve healthcare services using a Value-Based Healthcare approach. Value-Based Healthcare is now being considered as one of the game changer in the future amongst healthcare service providers. This approach aims to continuously improve patient value while allowing healthcare providers to differentiate themselves among competitors based on quality.

The Value-Based Healthcare framework was proposed by Professor Michael E. Porter of Harvard Business School and his group for the purpose of restructuring healthcare system. Essentially, patient value is measured by dividing healthcare outcomes delivered by costs incurred over a full cycle of care. Value-Based Healthcare approach encourages healthcare organizations to focus on control and manage patient value instead of healthcare volume.

Specifically for a Value-Based Healthcare project, conceptualization is a critical step where we will work with you to decide the initial focus and expectation for a pilot Value-Based Healthcare project. Many factors will be taken into consideration when making choices regarding the project focus: types of medical conditions, target patient population, services volumes and also available ICHOM Standard Sets (International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement).

Once the conceptualization step is completed, we will work with you to develop an implementation roadmap and where needed, support you with a wide range of activities i.e. conducting in-depth analysis, organizing training workshops, etc.