At VBHC, our team of professionals will help you realise your post-merger value through a carefully designed integration plan and its effective execution. Our PMI service is most beneficial to clients with limited experience in Vietnam healthcare market.

The goal of a consolidation process is to maintain a cohesive organizational culture. When managing this process, VBHC clarifies roles in the newly consolidated organization. Our team aims to engage all levels of the new organization during the integration process to create a sense of ownership. We will prioritize open communications with new organization’s staff, especially medical staff to gain support from them. Besides, we also communicate the new system’s brand and resources to patients.

VBHC PMI Team have successfully managed integration activities of many hospitals across Vietnam. The team consists of senior healthcare professionals in both clinical and administrative areas.

Overall, our typical PMI plan covers the following areas:

  • Overall Management
  • Finance
  • Legal Advisory
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Communications
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Facilities and Procurement