VBHC Team is motivated to work with healthcare organizations in Vietnam so that they will be equipped with sufficient management resources to realise their potential. Performance Optimization Services delivered by VBHC is suitable for clients whose recent performance is under expectation. Our team of professionals with with prior working experience in several large healthcare facilities in Vietnam will help us bring useful perspectives to your organizations.

Services requested by VBHC’s clients vary from services costing advisory, cost restructuring programs, EBITDA improvement, marketing strategies, executive team coaching to recruitment assistance. These types of projects are usually consisted of 2 phases: (1) performance assessment and (2) optimization plan design.

The first phase is taken to measure the performance and efficiency of the targeted subject. VBHC Team will take a comprehensive approach when conducting an operations performance assessment, whether it is a services line, a department, or a clinic and hospital as a whole.

VBHC Team will initially study the facility onsite, interact with management team and staff members to understand this facility, including its practicing processes and its strategic positions. We will conduct market analysis, competition analysis, and gap analysis if required. Based on insights collected during the assessment process, we identify operational gaps and advise clients on how to rebuild their business around their strengths and refocus their resources on a number of meaningful selected goals.

These types of Performance Optimization projects will take from 6 to 12 months to generate improved results for healthcare providers.