VBHC provides corporate strategy and functional strategy advisory services to healthcare organizations and investors across Vietnam.

We will actively involve in your development of vision and mission, strategic plans and implementation roadmaps for your healthcare projects, especially for the newly-established healthcare facilities.

Regarding hospitals and clinics with a stable customer base, we will work with you to identify feasible growth opportunities. We help align growth strategies that integrate new technologies and new care models with your overall strategy and support your change management programs. Our large and extensive network of professionals also allows us to develop functional strategy for a specific function such as Sales & Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, etc.

Besides, VBHC’s Innovation Services is applicable in re-designing the delivery of healthcare. We guide healthcare organizations in Vietnam to develop and implement digital health technologies and adopt value-based healthcare delivery models. We design Innovation Initiatives for these organizations.

VBHC Team can help you to take a lead on these initiatives. Before advising you on your portfolio or innovation opportunities, we conduct in-depth needs assessment from all clinical, operational, and patient perspectives. Diverse methods will be used for the assessment, including workshops, interviews, secondary research, etc. Since innovation efforts are risky, we will also advise you to create specific processes and long-term metrics to measure them. We support you with innovation team development and identify their partnering opportunities if necessary.